Lady Diana injured in freak accident * Popular personality falls in water-filled hole

October 27, 2015
Contributed Lady diana shows her injured foot

Popular personality Georgia 'Lady Diana' Wynter says she has suffered some amount of setback after a freak accident recently in downtown Kingston, where she fell into a hole filled with water.

THE STAR understands that Wynter was going about her usual business on October 3 when the incident occurred.

"It was a frightening experience. It happened about 10 a.m. I was buying items. I was walking on the corridor because I didn't want to walk on the busy roadway. As I stepped over to Luke Lane, I dropped in a hole. The water looked shallow and clear. There wasn't any sign. I was covered up to my neck. it was just the mercy of God," she recalled.

Wynter said people in the area are familiar with the hole, but there is no sign for unsuspecting pedestrians.

"I went back after the incident to get a clearer look and take pictures of the area. There was still no sign there," said Wynter, adding that she got medical attention for cuts and swelling from the fall. "I am currently taking antibiotics, pain tablets, and other medication for rest."

Wynter filed a report with the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation but was told to put it in writing to the town clerk. "What I went through, I don't want anybody else to go through it. People need to know. I could have been washed away. those who saw the incident were sorry for me and offered assistance," she said.

When our news team contacted the police, they confirmed that a report of the incident had been made to them.

The KSAC told THE STAR that it was going to do an assessment of the situation and get back to our news team.

Wynter has been enabling life-changing experiences in the lives of women in the inner city through her foundation, the Diana Outreach Foundation, which was launched

in 1997 and which has been

contributing tremendously to communities in St Catherine, Kingston, and other areas across the island.

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