Weird News: Man steals underwear from car wash

November 03, 2015

Confused car wash staff are hunting for a thief who nicked their pink underwear from a washing line.

Pristine Car Wash in Penwortham, Lancashire, created a display to fundraise for charity Breast Cancer Now but were left shocked when they arrived one morning to see the line had disappeared, the Daily Mirror newspaper reports. After checking the CCTV, they discovered that a man had scaled the 15-foot pole in the early hours of the morning. Car wash owner Craig Halsall said: "We had a look through CCTV and at 2 a.m., you can see a man walking from the car park opposite, shimmying up the pole like a cat, and taking the whole line away with him."


A man has been charged for assaulting his girlfriend after a row over a burger.

Christian Berry allegedly assaulted his partner when she returned home without a meal from the fast food chain In-N-Out, the Daily Star newspaper reports. The victim is said to have suffered "extensive bruising, contusions, and scratches on her body and a lump on her face".


Two couples living next to each other built a pub in between their houses for just £80 and stocked it with their own home-brewed beverages.

Kelvin and Samantha Mayes enlisted the help of their neighbours Robert and Helen Sheldon to construct a mini-boozer, which they called The Outback Pub because it was literally "out the back" of their homes, and now, they don't have to travel to enjoy a cheeky beer. Kelvin Mayes, 46, told the Metro newspaper: "We started home-brewing and it has all stemmed from there. We were quite pally with the neighbours and just wanted somewhere to drink other than our front room."


Passengers at Portugal's Lisbon airport got an X-rated viewing experience. Tourists were left mortified when porn began playing on the big announcement screens at the busy public place.

A video filmed by one passenger on his mobile phone captured the odd moment two young men can be heard laughing and shouting, "Welcome to Lisbon!" as the footage was broadcast, reports. According to local media, the incident took place recently at Terminal 1 and the video was played for several moments before being removed by airport staff.

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