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December 02, 2015

A man who was thrown out of a football match by police has sent the squad 240 coconut doughnuts as payback.

The gentleman had some 20 dozen of the sweet treats delivered to officers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison to teach them a lesson after they kicked him out of a Badger football game in Los Angeles last weekend. He was booted when he tried to leave his seat in the student section to join his friends.

According to police spokesman Marc Lovicott, the man accompanied the calorific snacks with a letter, which read: "This was meant as a harmless way to both show general gratitude for the job you do (which is awesome) but slight disdain for my treatment Saturday (which was not so awesome). Donuts are awesome, but coconut donuts are not so awesome ." (sic)

The doughnuts were later donated to the Salvation Army.

A footballer has been given a one-year ban after he whipped a female linesman with his manhood. The unnamed Andalusian sportsman reportedly became so frustrated with the assistant referee that he pulled out his genitals and slapped her with it during a match between Celtic de Pulianas and Gabia CF on November 15.

The player, who was sacked immediately from his club after the inappropriate incident, wasn't playing at the time.

In a match report, obtained by the Huffington Post newspaper, referee Jesus Lorenzo Rodriguez said the offender "invaded the pitch and approached assistant number one and tried to hit her with his member, which he had pulled out beforehand. He was wearing the team's tracksuit and I recognised him from when I'd refereed in the past." The unidentified footballer was also handed a fine.

A farmer got more than he bargained for when he harvested a sweet potato shaped like a woman's curvaceous backside.

Ben Fletch couldn't believe his eyes when he pulled out the starchy crop from the soil at his farm in Kent last week and was faced with what appeared to be a lady bending over.

He said: "It was hilarious! Obviously, it looks like a lady bending over. It did make me chuckle. I showed my family and they loved it - we were all laughing for quite a while."

Although he found the frisky find hilarious, he refused to eat the cheeky crop and, instead, threw it into the bin.

He explained to the Daily Mail newspaper: "It's a sweet potato that I grew in my private field.

"It is only recently that we were able to grow sweet potatoes here in the United Kingdom, so it's very cool for me.

"We threw it away, though, as I didn't want to have to cook it."

Brussels sprouts the size of golf balls are being sold in supermarkets around the United Kingdom.

A select amount of green cabbage buds are being dubbed 'monster sprouts' after weighing in at roughly 35g -almost twice the average - due the humid temperatures across Britain this year spiking their growth.

Sprout farmer John Clappison, from Beverley in Yorkshire, told Sky News: "We've had lots of lovely sun this summer, plenty of rain; and then we've had a nice, mild autumn and the crop has grown really, really well.

"The modern varieties have been bred to be a sweeter, more palatable taste for the younger generation. Various people say there is a genetic follow-through in people - some people either can't stand them or love them.

"I know many people who love them and I think too many people have the idea that 'I don't like sprouts' but then when they try them, they actually really do like them."

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