Another double shooting in Clarendon

November 13, 2015

The Clarendon Police are now probing two separate shooting incidents in the parish on Thursday which has left one man dead.

Forty-four-year-old shopkeeper Kirk Fisher was reportedly standing at the front of his business place on Cherry Tree lane in Four Paths when a car drove up about 10 pm with several men aboard.

They opened fire hitting him several times, he died on the spot. The police was called to the scene  and the body was removed.

In an earlier incident a licensed firearm holder was shot when he walked in on a robbery in an establishment in Swansea area some time after 9 pm.

According to the police report the man entered the business place where two men were in the process of carrying out a robbery.

They opened fire at him and he returned it. The men fled and the licensed firearm holder who was shot in the leg was taken to hospital where he was treated.

Its not clear if any of the would-be robbers were injured.

The police have since launched a search for these men.

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