Three J'cans accused of prostitution in Bahamasn


November 26, 2015

Three Jamaican women, who are accused of being involved in a prostitution ring, were apprehended by Bahamian authorities at an apartment complex in the country recently, THE STAR has learnt.

It is reported that two of the Jamaican nationals overstayed their time in the country.

According to Bahamian news reports, authorities were alerted to a condominium complex where the three Jamaican women were held.

It is said that two of the women had been legally permitted to enter the country and got an extension, which had expired at the time of their discovery. The third Jamaican national was reportedly in possession of a valid work permit, allowing her to work as a live-in maid.

Subsequently, the women were transported to the Department of Immigration where they were processed.

They are expected to answer to prostitution charges following their appearance in court.

- B.B

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