Schoolgirl hit by madman

November 27, 2015

An ultrasound is to be performed shortly to determine the extent of an injury sustained by a female student after she was attacked by a mentally ill man recently.

THE WEEKEND STAR understands that the fourth former, who is attached to a prestigious all-female Corporate Area High School, was attacked meters away from her school compound last Wednesday morning while making her way to the institution.

This has resulted in the student missing school for two days while she underwent medical observation.

Our news team understands that her school also provided counselling as she was shaken up after the incident.

THE WEEKEND STAR gathered that on the morning of the attack, the student was making her way to school when she saw a man pick up an object before he threw it and hit her.

Our news team was told that the impact forced her to retreat into the usually busy roadway.

THE WEEKEND STAR was then told that the student managed to get the attention of her school's warden, who made an alarm and the principal was reportedly notified.

Her mother spoke to our news team, lamenting that she does not want the incident to repeat itself and that the relevant authorities need to act.

She said, "They need to remove these people off the road ... can't have them lingering so close to schools; kids are vulnerable. Can you imagine how I felt as a parent when I got that distress call about 6:30 after I know she left for school... . Now she has a fear for persons like that. I have to walk with her to the bus stop since."

Our news team was told by a member of the school's administration that the police was contacted after the incident and the individual was removed.

THE WEEKEND STAR was also told that he does not frequent the area.

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