Woman acids gangster for brother

December 11, 2015

An alleged gangster remains hospitalised after a woman doused him with acid last week because death threats were made against a member of her family.

The incident occurred in a St Andrew community, the morning after the woman's brother was accosted and beaten.

Reports said the mother of the beaten man did not take kindly to the justice meted out against her son and spoke openly, which angered his attackers.


bad vibes


"Dem beat the youth and true him mother cuss and gwan dem feel like she violate dem, so it cause a bad vibes ... the sister now come the next day and she and the youth catch up, and a deh, so she bun him up," a resident said. "Mi woulda probly do the same ting cause him raise him hand with a piece a board fi lick har and she dash it pan him ... see it deh all now him nuh come out a hospital."




Another resident said immediately following the ordeal, the woman ran to a nearby police station and made a report.

The acid victim was assisted to hospital where he was admitted.

The residents said the woman did not escape without burns as she was too close to the man she doused.

"She get some burns to because you know she did too close, and a di only chance she get fi defend herself," one said.

Following the acid attack, the woman's brother fled the community in fear of reprisal from men affiliated to the acid victim.

Yesterday, police declined to confirm or deny the acid attack.

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