Alleged Clansman leader remanded

December 11, 2015

Edward Dunn, the alleged leader of the Spanish Town-based Clansman gang, was remanded in the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate's, Court on Tuesday.

Dunn, also known as 'Lucifcer' and 'Fabulous', was remanded along with Stephen Burke, who is also said to be a member of the gang. Both men, charged under the Anti-Gang Legislation, are from Waterloo district in St Catherine.

Resident Magistrate (RM) Jacqueline Wilcott ordered that the man return to court next Wednesday, but defence attorney Peter Champagnie told the court that the Crown would have a hard time proving its case, as the main witness is one with credibility issues.

disciplined members

Clerk of courts Nicole Kellier told the RM that Dunn was a leader of the Clansman gang.

The court heard that he gave orders to the members and was also the 'judge' who beat and discipline members who do anything wrong in his view.

Kellier said in 2013, Dunn gave orders for a jewellery store and a Cash Pot depot be robbed. It is also said that he ordered the murder of persons and also stabbed a man charged with sexual touching.

The clerk told the RM that an application would be made to the director of public prosecutions to have the matter transferred to the Circuit Court. Both men were arrested on November 23, 2015, following an investigation by the police.

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