Escapee's head found, cops seek body


December 28, 2015
Forensic investigator working at a crime scene

The head of a man who escaped from a lock-up on December 19, 2015, has been found.

The head of 26-year-old escapee Duran Colman of Cockpit district, Clarendon was found at Dela Vega City, Spanish Town, St Catherine, yesterday.

Reports from the Spanish Town police are that at about 6:45 a.m., residents saw the head on the train line in the community and summoned them.

The scene was processed and it was removed to the morgue.

Colman, who was charged with murder, was one of several prisoners who escaped from the Spanish Town lock-up. At least two others prisoners are back in police custody.

Investigators have since launched a search for Colman's body.

In the meantime, investigators are asking anyone with information to contact the Spanish Town police at 984-2305, 119 or the nearest police station.

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