Security guards questioned about $20M-heist

December 31, 2015

Three of the five Atlas security guards who were persons of interests in a $20m-heist last week have been released from police custody.

The three were released on Monday after being questioned for several days.

Arrangements are reportedly being made to secure legal representation for the other two security guards, who are still in custody, before they are questioned further.

Reports indicate that the guards, employed to the Atlas Security Company, were given a large quantity of money to be delivered in Manchester.

It was later discovered that a bag containing $20m was missing.

A report was made to the Mandeville police, and on searching a house in Black River that was occupied by one of the guards, more than $14 million of the missing money was found under a mattress.

The security guard, who was at home, was taken into custody. The other four were picked up the following day in Manchester.

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