Man arrested while on bail for murder

January 14, 2016

A man who was on bail for murder has been charged with breaking his neighbour's wrist. Rhon Dyer, a labourer of Allman Town, was hauled before the Corporate Area Resident Magistrate's (RM) Court last Friday on an additional charge of wounding with intent.

Allegations are that the complainant, who shares a premises with Dyer, had just returned from work when an argument developed between them. Subsequently, the complainant was attacked by Dyer with a machete.

Dyer, the court heard, swung the machete at the complainant's neck. However, she used her wrist to block it. The blow broke the complainant's wrist bone and she was admitted to hospital for three days.

Dyer's lawyer claimed his client had no intention of harming the complainant and that the blow was inflicted by accident.

However, this was met with cynicism from Senior RM Judith Pusey.

"He nearly chopped off her head!" Pusey said.

She noted that Dyer has a particularly violent propensity, and on that ground she denied him bail. He is to return to court on March 3.

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