Thugs take war to funeral - fighting factions had same day burial

January 22, 2016


- fighting factions had same day burial

High drama erupted at the Dovecot Memorial Park in St Catherine on Sunday, after warring factions from a Kingston 13 community crossed paths at two separate funerals.

At the end of the melee, a teenage brother of an influential community member from one of the warring sides was beaten, and left unconscious by approximately 15 men said to be from the other side.

A witness told THE WEEKEND STAR that the men had first unsuccessfully chased the nine-year-old son of the influential community member, but then held the brother.

"While dem putting down the body, mi see the brother and the son walk pass ... soon after me see a bag a people a run, but I did not know what the running was for," the witness said. "Then I heard dem did a try catch the son, but a di brother dem hold because him run to the wrong bus."

The teen was held behind the bus where he was beaten and hit in the head with a stone rendering him unconscious. He was rushed to the Spanish Town Hospital where he was treated and released.

"The amount of kick that they gave him, and throw big stone ina him head, him did affi pretend say him dead, a suh dem scatter and run away from the scene," a relative of the teen told THE WEEKEND STAR. "Breda could a dead fi breda or if dem did hold di son."

Someone apparently notified the police who arrived shortly after the chaos ended, and took several statements.

When contacted, a senior officer at the St Catherine North police said he could not confirm reports as he was not on duty on Sunday. He said, however, that if statements were in fact collected then an investigation is likely under way.

Efforts by THE WEEKEND STAR to reach a representative at Dovecot Memorial Park to speak on the incident were futile.

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