Man gives dog mouth-to-mouth - Revives injured animal with CPR

February 03, 2016

- Revives injured animal with CPR

A Jamaican man is being commended for his extraordinary kindness to a mongrel dog, after he was videotaped lip locking with the animal, apparently administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to save its life.

The man, who some social media viewers have identified as Junior from Green Pond, St James, is seen gripping the dog close to his chest, while lamenting that someone brutalised his pet.

"The brown, tall boy from roun' desso ... see the dog inna the yard and use wah big stone and lick di dog inna him head," he bemoaned.

Shortly after, he wraps his lips around the dog's mouth and intensely blows breath into the animal. The dog's belly could be seen expanding and contracting accordingly.

Eventually, the dog starts blinking both eyes feebly, and the owner gives amazed bystanders the reassuring words that "him alright man, him deh come back alright."

However, Junior was not leaving the life of his beloved pet to chance, as he continued to render his version of dog mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, even after the animal became conscious.

Dr Robin Harris, a veterinarian at Noah's Ark Veterinary Centre, told THE STAR that the man's actions were very dangerous as he could have contracted numerous bacterial infections from the dog's mouth.


However, she was moved by his compassion for the animal, and commended him. "It is very heart warming to see a Jamaican so concerned about his dog that he would attempt this [mouth-to-mouth-resuscitation] to save him. Though he erred in the manner in which it was done, hats off to him. We need more people like this," Harris said.

She also discouraged non-professionals from administering the procedure, noting that if an animal becomes unconscious, a veterinarian should be contacted. Harris noted that in cases where the individuals cannot afford veterinarian fees, they could contact the Jamaica Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (JSPCA), which usually offers charity services.

The one minute, 14-second-video has created quite a stir among social media commenters since it was posted last week.

Many have commended Junior's kind-heartedness. One such person wrote: "I wouldn't do that [mouth-to-mouth), BUT give the man credit. He loves animal, nothing nuh wrong, a nuff man a do whole heap a nasty tingz wid dem mouth suh if him want to blow breath inna him dog mouth fi save him life low him".

Another posted: "God bless you mi bredda, only few people can relate to the love of dogs. the scum that hit him is just a sad loser that does not know how to love."

However, there were those who bashed the man for lip locking with a dog.

"Him really mad, look pon him a blow in a the dog mouth," wrote another viewer.

Another simply posted: "Eeewwwww! Nasty!"

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