Family mourns death of highway worker

March 10, 2016

Having laid four relatives to rest over the past six months, Patricia Burke-Marshall says the murder of her son has shaken her already grief-stricken family.

Yesterday when THE STAR visited her in Wakefield district, Linstead, Burke-Marshall, the mother of slain North-South Highway supervisor, 29-year-old Christopher 'Cell Block' Marshall, said her family is having a hard time coping with the death.

Marshall was reportedly murdered on his worksite about 12:30 a.m. Wednesday, while constructing a stonewall along a section of the highway.

"All now me can't believe seh mi son dead. When mi hear, mi just couldn't believe. I spoke to him up to yesterday," she told THE STAR, describing her son as jovial, kind, and hardworking.


Although his siblings believe that 'bad mind' might have played a role in his death, Marshall's mother said she is not aware of her son having a dispute with anyone.

"I cannot tell, I can't say, neither am I going to tell lie 'cause him never tell mi seh him and anybody on the site had anything", she said.

But, according to Marshall's neighbour, the deceased man dreamt about his own death.

"Him dream seh him deh pan di worksite and a man approach him a certain way and him run off and the man shoot him seven times from back way ... and a seven shot him get back way," he said.

The St Catherine Major Investigation Team has since launched a top-level probe into Marshall's death.

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