Motorists cautioned about highway use


March 11, 2016
Motorists going down the Linstead to Moneague leg of the North/South Highway.

With the additional leg of the North-South Highway now open to the motoring public, Senior Superintendent in charge of Traffic Headquarters, Calvin Allen, is cautioning users of the corridor to abide by the rules of the road and make safety a priority.

"Given the dynamics of different areas of the road network, it is important to obey all posted traffic signs and/or markings on the road surface," he said.

Allen has highlighted the fact that the highway has been officially gazetted. This means that previous ambiguity surrounding the issuance of tickets on the highway corridor is now erased.

He is, therefore, advising motorists that all facets of the Road Traffic Act would be strictly enforced, including the speed limit.

In a press release sent to THE WEEKEND STAR, the police said the highway, which will run from Caymanas Bay, St Catherine, to Mammee Bay in St Ann, will see the daily deployment of officers on mobile patrol when it is completed.

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