Cause of Bad Gas Not Known

March 18, 2016

An interim report on bad gas, which nearly grounded Jamaica's transportation system, has failed to identify how continents got into fuel.

Minister of Science, Energy and Technology, Dr. Andrew Wheatley, said that the report which was prepared by the Petroleum Trade Reform Committee, is inconclusive.
"Notwithstanding the inconclusiveness of the interim report, I have issued a directive to have a full report completed and made available to me in the next four weeks.  The presentation of the full report is critical to determining next steps, enabling us to learn from this unfortunate experience, and ultimately bring closure to the issue," Dr. Wheatley said.

Seventeen gas stations were linked to the dispensing of alleged bad gas last year.

Affected customers have been promised compensation as a result of the bad gas. They were encouraged to gather all documentation which should include a report from a mechanic or other certified expert outlining the problems experienced and the motor vehicle information regarding where the fuel was purchased.  

Dr Wheatley said that "no effort will be spared in strengthening and fostering greater accountability on the part of all of the persons in the chain of custody as fuel is transported from sea to pump."

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