Promotion awaited Trelawny crash victim

April 07, 2016

Twenty-year-old Keno Edwards of Clark's Town, Trelawny, should have taken up a new role at work yesterday.

Edwards, like 23-year-old Janice Brown of Warsop, was an employee at the Rocky Point Johnson's Petroleum gas station in the parish.

The two, along with 41-year-old Dwight Sutton of Tilson in Bounty Hall, died in a motor vehicle collision along the Falmouth bypass in the parish on Tuesday night.

"Keno had just got a promotion and was supposed to start today," supervisor Victoria Hanson told THE STAR. "He was a very jovial person with high integrity and respect."

She said that Edwards worked as a pump attendant and that he should have started working in the control room.

"For Janice, she was very quiet and jovial, always wearing a smile. For both of them, at the end of a service for customers, they would always say 'thank you and have a good day now,'" Hanson said.

The police reported that about 11 p.m., Sutton was driving a Mitsubishi Lancer with Brown and Edwards aboard. On reaching a section of the bypass, he collided with a tractor heading in the opposite direction.

The police were summoned and they were taken to hospital where death was confirmed. The driver of the tractor was also taken to hospital where he was admitted.

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