Man, son homeless after house collapses

April 22, 2016
Gareth Davis The remains of the collapsed house

A man and his eight-year-old child are homeless after their two-bedroom board house collapsed, during heavy rainfall in Port Antonio, Portland, yesterday.

The rainfall, which started shortly after 1 a.m., pounded the parish capital for almost seven hours, flooding roadways and leaving several collapsed walls.

"The house collapse shortly before midday," said Anthony Myrie, owner of the house. "My son was trapped inside. I was outside parking a vehicle when I heard a sound. I never saw when the house went down, but after hearing a sound I ran towards the house, and saw that it had collapsed. I managed to get him out and secured my documents."

After removing his son, Myrie observed a bump on the boy's head. "I rushed him to the doctor, who conducted some tests. Luckily, it was not serious. Several household items were damaged, including a stove, television, refrigerator, and two beds. Only the two of us lived at the house," he explained.

For the time being, Myrie and the child are uncertain where they will sleep. A team from the Ministry of Labour and Social Security visited the area late yesterday to view the damage. Arrangements were made for assistance to be provided to them.

Anyone willing to assist Myrie may contact 1-876-385-3812, his sister's cell number.

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