PM to help Jermaine Barrett

May 03, 2016

After news broke chronicling Jermaine Barrett's medical nightmare in having an atypical growth on his face, he is finally receiving much-needed financial assistance from several persons, including Prime Minister Andrew Holness.

By virtue of an article published in THE STAR on April 5, the world was informed about 26-year-old Montego Bay native Barrett, and his at-the-time mysterious condition .

Since then, he has received overwhelming support. What would previously seem like a dream to Barrett not too long ago took place in real life at the Flanker Peace and Justice Centre in Montego Bay.

"I was brought to him (PM Holness) by my cousin to the Peace and Justice centre. I was standing there and he turned around and saw me and said 'Oh, this is the guy that has been circulating on the Internet'," Barrett said, recounting his unexpected meeting with PM Holness. "He started to asking me about the tumour and I told him that it is cancerous, and the doctor is saying that I have to do surgery overseas."

It is estimated that the cost of surgery will be upwards of US$7,000 and is tentatively scheduled to take place in Florida.


Vowed to help


According to Barrett, PM Holness made enquiries as to details about his condition, the cost of the proposed surgery, as well as about whether he was the holder of a valid United States non-immigrant visa, vowing to help him personally.

The Montegonian remains grateful and maintains an optimistic outlook.

"Thanks for all your support, so far," he said. "Thanks for all your prayers and everything that you all have done, so far."

As for the prime minister's involvement, Barrett hopes to hear from the leader soon so he can be at ease, finally knowing what his next move will be on his medical journey. Persons interested in helping Barrett may contact him directly at (876) 577-7189.

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