US, police partner to probe murder of missionaries

May 03, 2016
Commissioner of Police Dr Carl Williams

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) is expected to work closely with United States authorities following the brutal killing of two US


Speaking at an emergency press conference regarding

the ongoing investigations

into the murder yesterday, Commissioner of Police, Dr Carl Williams, revealed that the police will use any assistance to solve the heinous crime.

"We work closely with our international partners to solve crimes and to carry out investigations here in Jamaica," he said. "And those are the investigations that take us beyond borders, and we will in this case."

The police are yet to establish a motive for the gruesome killings as they have little to no leads.

"We have dedicated our expert investigators to this investigation. We have in fact sent detectives from Kingston to St Mary. We should be able to make some headway into this investigation," he said.

An autopsy examination is scheduled to be carried out today.

The deceased missionaries, 48-year-old Randy Hentzel, and 53-year-old Harold Nichols were found dead on Sunday in St Mary.

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