Bolt affected by 'bad gas'

May 05, 2016

The world’s fastest man, Usain Bolt, may be temporarily slowed down as he appears to be one of the latest victims in the infamous 'bad gas' saga.

Yesterday, the superstar sprinter tweeted, “bad gas!!!”. Twenty minutes later he said, “seriously thought this bad gas situation was over and done with”,

Bolt, who is known to own a number of high-end motor vehicles, did not immediately specify which unit in his fleet may have been damaged.

Late last year, motorists reported various problems with their vehicles after allegedly buying poor quality gasolene from retailers. 

Provide documentation

Chief Executive Officer of the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC), Dolsie Allen, told THE STAR that the number of complaints about bad gas have dwindled in recent times.

“About five persons called us two to three weeks ago, but did not provide any documentation – not even a report from their mechanic to say anything – in the absence of a receipt from a gas station,” she said.

The CAC had set an initial April 8 deadline for motorists whose vehicles were affected by ‘bad gas’ to submit their claims for compensation.  

“We wanted to approach the marketing companies to give some compensation and wanted to have some idea of the level of compensation we would have been asking for,” she said.


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