FEMALE THUGS SCARE CABBIES …Gangster women lure drivers into danger

May 06, 2016
File Taxis waiting for passengers near the bus stop on Spencer James Drive in Half-Way Tree, St Andrew. Daryl Vaz says taxi operators are among small businesses affected by crime in Jamaica.


n Gangster women lure drivers into danger

A few months ago, some Papine route taxi drivers decided that they would not carry men following two robbery incidents. Fast forward, and the cab drivers are facing a similar dilemma. This time it is with females who are suspected of being involved in incidents where cabbies are mugged.

According to reports reaching THE WEEKEND STAR, last month, two taxi drivers were robbed after female passengers on both occasions asked them to venture off their normal routes.

"She come een and ask for me to drop her in Mona, and when me a approach the entrance she start behaving antsy, so me a wonder wah gwaan," said one of the drivers who was robbed last month.

demanded money

According to the taxi driver, who asked not to be named, when his taxi approached where the female said was her destination, men emerged from the dark.

"She jump outta the taxi. Two man them have knife and wah look like a gun and demanded money," he explained.

The cab driver said he handed over the money immediately, and the three persons took off in a car that was waiting nearby.

"Me still shock cause me never imagine that a woman woulda be behind me almost losing me life. A man yah expect fi do that," he said.

After admitting to being shaken by the incident, he told THE WEEKEND STAR that he had decided to take measures to protect himself.

Another driver, who spoke to THE WEEKEND STAR after hearing of the two incidents, said he has become wary of all passengers.

male counterparts

"Right now, me haffi pree everybody cause a bare criminal deh road, can't too trust nobody," he said, adding that he will be sticking to his downtown Kingston to Papine route.

While the cabbies have been shaken by the robberies, a cop from the Papine Police Station said they have not received any reports of these incidents.

Although the drivers were taken aback by the robberies, Senior Superintendent Terrence Bent said that for some time women have played roles in crime as both accomplices and active participants.

"While their participation in crime is not as prevalent as their male counterparts, Jamaican women are involved in criminal activities," Bent told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"What you will see is women are used to lure the unsuspecting victims or they hide the men from police and wash the bloody clothes that were used in committing crimes."

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