Paul Bogle High Wants to Expand Vocational Programme

May 13, 2016
Students of Paul Bogle High!

Paul Bogle High School in St Thomas has a student population of predominantly males.

Principal of the school, Valerie Marshall-Lodge, told THE WEEKEND STAR students who unsuccessfully sit the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) are placed at the school. This has seen quite an influx of boys as opposed to girls.

"At that level, the GSAT level, the girls normally do better than the boys," she told THE WEEKEND STAR.

"The students that are placed at Paul Bogle are largely, at this point in time, the ones that do not do so very well at GSAT. So, out of necessity, that would happen," she added.

Marshall-Lodge stated that the school is now attempting to overhaul, even expand, it's vocational programmes. This, however, proves difficult as a result of financial constraints.

"We have a fair amount of students doing well in agricultural science, in the apiary, and in the chicken farm," the principal said.

"What would be very helpful is expanding the vocational facilities because this school has more boys than girls," Marshall-Lodge said, adding that the move would better cater to the school's majority.

Paul Bogle High suffers from a lack of parental support, as the school runs on financial fumes. Most fail to pay much-needed auxiliary fees.

Aside from the administration's aspirations of improving vocational-education facilities, a facelift is desired.

"I've been wanting to give the school a facelift," the principal stated.

"If you live in depressed conditions and you come to school and look at drab walls, it really does not inspire you," she said.

Marshall-Lodge recounted that the school had mustered a few dollars to paint one section of the building. It seemingly meant much to students who welcomed the upgrade.

"Giving the school a facelift would really go far in boosting the morale of the children," she said.

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