Woman claims visa revoked after being - STRIP-SEARCHED AT AIRPORT WHILE ON PERIOD

May 17, 2016

An incensed Jamaican woman who alleges she was recently humiliated and treated unjustly upon her entry to the United States before being hastily sent back to her homeland is desperately trying to seek redress, as her visa has been revoked.

Cerine Johnson, 34, claims that her horrific experience shortly after arriving at the Orlando International Airport in Florida on May 14. She was subjected to what she says was undue interrogation, and, later, a number of searches, including an undignified cavity search by a female immigration officer.

Johnson claims that after speaking to a US Immigration and Customs Enforcement agent, she was asked a number of questions which she answered candidly. Her answers, however, did not appear to be satisfactory.

What started out as being a leisurely trip to visit family, was sullied as being an expedition to work illegally in the country by the authorities. Her belongings were taken from her, including a cellular phone which was searched illegally, she claims. Johnson maintains she was not involved in any nefarious activities.


Night in jail


Johnson was on her second trip to the US, but little did she know that she would be spending the night at the Orange County Jail.

"After they took me to the Orange County Jail, I had to sit and wait for about 15 minutes until they finished processing me. After I went inside, I had to go through another search, then they took me to an area where I had to strip down," she told THE STAR.

"I told the officer that I am on my period and she said it is standard procedure. I had to take off my panty, take off the pad, remove the Tampax, and bend over and cough three times. That was very embarrassing."

She claims she had to sit on a bench for more than six hours at the lock-up without even being given a chance to take a shower before she was brought back to the airport. She boarded a JetBlue flight destined for the Sangster International Airport on May 15.

Back on Jamaican shores, Johnson seeks justice.

"I need them to start treating people better, and I need them to review my case because I need back my visa," she said.

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