Nesbeth In Mourning Again

May 25, 2016
Nesbeth, at the funeral service for his wife, Annmarie Elliott-Nesbeth, on March 12.
Nesbeth pays tribute to his wife, Annmarie Elliott-Nesbeth at her funeral service in March.

Reggae crooner Greg Nesbeth has been dealt another harsh blow.

The My Dream singer today lost a sister, just three months after his wife died.

Nesbeth’s publicist, Raymond ‘Shadow’ Small, told THE STAR that the artiste’s sister passed away Wednesday morning. However, Small did not offer much more details.

"He is trying to take it in strides,” Small began.

“I’m not privy to speak as I have not been made aware of the full details surrounding her passing, so I cannot speak extensively on the matter,” he said.




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