Pastor charged for kissing student


May 25, 2016

A pastor is among four male teachers who have been arrested and charged with sexual abuse and child molestation in Clarendon.

THE STAR confirmed that he is a teacher at a traditional high school in the parish and was arrested and charged recently.

Allegations are that the teacher, who conducts mentoring session at the school, was in a session with a female student when he kissed her.

The student, who was said to be traumatised, then told her parents who reported the incident to the school. The institution then called in the police and the pastor was arrested and charged.

The school's principal yesterday declined to comment on the matter.

Children's Advocate Diahann Gordon Harrison is suggesting that schools should conduct background checks before hiring teachers. "Checks should be done on their previous places of employment and analyse as much as possible how they operate socially because a greater view of their character is needed before hiring them," she advised.

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