Veteran journalists remembered

June 07, 2016
Gary Spaulding
Glenroy Sinclair

The death of not one, but two veteran Gleaner journalists, in less than two days has left a shroud of gloom over those who knew them well.

Glenroy Sinclair, who died last Saturday, and more recently Gary Spaulding, who was discovered at his St Andrew home yesterday, are remembered by their co-workers, family and friends.

“To lose one person, is hard enough. To lose two people in such as short space of time, who mean so much to the family, is just devastating. I join with everyone in this company in mourning the loss of these two great lives,” said Christopher Barnes, managing director of the Gleaner Company (Media) Limited.

“They have left a void, which with time, though difficult, I think we will be able to fill as we band together as a group. These kinds of setbacks only serve to make us stronger. My condolences to staff and their families," he added.

Garfield Grandison, the editor-in-chief for The Gleaner, was also saddened by the passing of the two journalists.

"Jamaica and the Caribbean have lost two of their finest journalists; Glenroy was one of the best sports and crime reporters; Gary was an outstanding political and parliamentary journalist. They produced work of exceptional quality and accuracy; they were both highly professional, committed and dedicated to the profession, the Gleaner and Jamaica," he said.

"The newsroom and the entire Gleaner family are devastated by the sudden loss of exceptional talent in Glenroy and Gary; we will celebrate their contributions because theirs was 'mission accomplished'. We are proud of the mark they have made to the advancement of journalism in the region and their defence of free speech and freedom of the press."

A friend of both deceased, Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport, Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange, too, was astonished by yet another passing.

“I am shocked and lost for words. Gary was someone who I knew personally and with whom I have worked extensively over the years while he was at RJR and at The Gleaner. Despite both having very demanding jobs, we have been able to maintain an unquestionable friendship that I will forever hold dear to my heart,” Grange said, adding that he will be greatly missed.

Yesterday, prominent members of the grieving public took to social media to offer their condolences. Gary Spaulding’s name was the number one trending topic on Twitter in Jamaica for several hours during the afternoon.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness said, "Ja has lost one of its more important journalists. I have lost a friend. Gary, your memory will live on in your words #ripgaryspaulding"

Journalist and presenter Simon Crosskill said, "#RIPGarySpaulding One of the very best. So sad."

Fellow journalist Janella Precius was also at a loss for words. "If I knew it would be the last time I would see you at the cake sale I would've hugged you a little longer and tighter #RiPGarySpaulding," she said.

Spaulding, 52, started off as a reporter at the Gleaner Company before moving to RJR Communications Group in 1997. He returned to the Gleaner in 2007, and is most popularly known for his diligent coverage of parliamentary and political events.

Sinclair, 49,  joined the Gleaner as a freelance staff member in 1986 before joining the staff on a full-time basis in 1993. He assiduously covered elections, hurricanes, industrial affairs, and sports, before focusing on crime and, in more recent years, covering motorsport.


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