Students suspended for fighting teacher - Classmates catch dramatic incident on tape

June 13, 2016
File Dr O'Neil Ankle

- Classmates catch dramatic incident on tape

Two Jonathan Grant High School students have been suspended after they were involved in a fight with a male teacher recently.

The high drama, which has gone viral after being caught on tape by some students at the institution, saw the boys performing what appears to be a tag-team fight against the teacher in question

When THE STAR contacted the principal of the school, Dr O'Neil Ankle, he was less than candid about the incident, offering very little detail. "Yes, I am aware of it, but I will say nothing else on the matter," he said. "The most I can tell you, and the most I will tell you, is that the matter is before the board. He further explained that the students captured on tape have already been identified and have since been suspended. He declined to say what, or if any action has been taken against the teacher.

The just under a minute-long tape has made its rounds on Facebook and other platforms. In it, two male students are seen fighting the teacher on the school compound.

Several users took to social media to express their discontent with the footage.

"You soon don't have any teachers in Jamaica. What is the ministry doing about it. They always want to defend the students?" wrote one user.

Another wrote: "I'm a Jamaican. It's a shame. How can children going to school fighting off teachers. What is going on in our beautiful island, Lord have mercy."

When our news team contacted the St Catherine police, there was no information immediately available.

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