Crocs are bad for your feet

July 01, 2016

They are absolutely hideous. Turns out, they're bad for your feet, too.

Foot doctors say that those persons who gravitate towards Crocs could face detrimental health implications for their feet.

"They're better than flip-flops, but they're not as good as a secure shoe or sandal on your foot," said Dr Angela Davis, a local-based podiatrist who is also a member of the Health and Care Professions Council in the United Kingdom.

Since its inception in 2002, Crocs have been a hit with nurses, chefs, and others who wear them for extended periods.

However, podiatrists do not appear to support the practice.

"The problem is because Crocs aren't held on to your foot securely, you can end up with shearing, frictional problems, and your foot sort of sloshes around in it because they tend to be a little too wide. That can lead to various frictional stresses. When a shoe isn't secured to your ankle, that means you are overusing your muscles to hold that shoe on. It's by far not the most ideal shoe," Davis said.

"Anything that you can just put your foot into is not very good. They're okay for short periods of time. They should also be worn with a sock rather than putting your barefoot in there," the medical practitioner explained.

Davis said Crocs seem just fine for a day out at the beach but not for wearing all day.

"For short-term use, it's fine, but for those who start using them professionally, wearing them for long periods of time throughout the day, then no, I certainly would not recommend them". she added.

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