Parents to pay more for textbooks this academic year

August 18, 2016
In this 2014 file photo a large crowd gathers inside Kingston Bookshop to do back-to-school shopping.

Textbooks will cost four per cent more this academic year, according to the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC).

This was the main finding from the annual national survey of the textbook industry, which was conducted by the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC) in partnership with the Ministry of Education, Youth and Information (MoEYI).

The survey, which was conducted in 13 parishes in Jamaica, took place between July 25 and August 5.

About 133 of the most popular textbooks were selected for the observation at popular bookstores such as Kingston Bookshop and Sangster's Bookstore, as well as other independent retailers.

The survey found that the average cost for an infant school book is $1,090.63, while it generally costs $1,432.22 for primary school books. High school literature books and grade seven to nine textbooks cost $1,928 and $1,600, respectively, while CSEC/CAPE books cost $3,343.17 on average.

The CAC, however, explained that, traditionally, the prices have moved with the fluctuation of the exchange rate.

Parents are, therefore, encouraged to utilise the list approved by the Education Ministry, as well as take advantage of lower prices where available.




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