Donnette Gayle gets lucky as Maggi makes last stop

August 31, 2016
Contributed Members of the public were in a festive mood at the final stop in this year's Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion at Max Value Supermarket, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth, last Saturday.
Donnette Gayle (right), winner of the main prize, poses with a Maggi representative.
Contributed Persons participate in a Maggi quiz at one of the stops in Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion.

Maggi brought the good fortune Donnette Gayle had hoped for last Saturday at the final event of the Maggi Mobile Road Show and Fortune Wheel Promotion at Max Value Supermarket, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth.

Winning the main prize of a four-burner gas stove, large igloo and a pressure cooker, it was a dream finally coming through for her. It was definitely going to make a difference at her School Field District home in St. Elizabeth.

Only one burner was working on her stove. She didn't have a pressure cooker and with the refrigerator breaking down, there was nothing else to keep things cool.

Things were now going to change - thanks to Maggi.

Having bought the required six Maggi products, including two Maggi soups, she started hoping for the best - leaving thereafter for Morrison Variety Store where she sells ground provisions and seasonings. She had no cellphone so she had given her daughter's number to the Maggi promoter on entering the competition.


ran breathlessly


Daughter Denise, a Nestle relief merchandiser, on receiving the call, immediately phoned her father for mother to hear the good news when she reached home. Gayle, however, would actually receive the news right after the draw was made, as her cousin, who was at Max Value at the time, ran breathlessly to her stall to tell her.

Gayle still doesn't know what to do with herself.

The final show in Santa Cruz proved quite festive - members of the public dancing throughout the day and sampling Maggi Soup and other tasty dishes - Maggi Coconut Cabbage, Spicy Bean Stew and Vegetable Fried Rice.

Sixteen stops were made across the island - all bringing a change of good fortune.

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