Suspects held, beaten after robbery

October 08, 2016

Two men suspected to have gone on a robbery spree at Dam Head in Spanish Town, St Catherine, are now in police custody after been soundly beaten by alert residents on Thursday.

Reports are that about 1 p.m., the men went into the area where they robbed a bar at gunpoint of more than $300,000. The men started to escape by jumping several fences near the Linstead leg of the North Coast highway. A police patrol spotted them with the guns and challenged them and a shoot-out ensued. During the shoot-out, the men turned back and began running away with several residents in hot pursuit.

The police circled the area and eventually held on to the men, but this did not stop the residents from inflicting their own punishment as they beat the men severely despite them being in police custody.

"Yes, man! When the police hold them, people start to beat them, even dem Kingfish car the people dem burn up," a resident said.

Meanwhile, it was reported that the robbery may have involved other residents from the community. "The woman just borrow the money to keep a dance and it look like somebody tell di man dem what a gwaan," a woman said.

Meanwhile, the residents are concerned about the robberies of businesses in the area. The names of the men have been withheld pending further investigations.

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