Oh, what a blessing! - Wheelchair donation to make life easier for young girl

October 12, 2016

One of a parent's worst nightmare is to see their child born with a disability, especially one that prevents them from moving around and participating in regular activities.

This was the case for Angela Shaw as her daughter, Amelia, was born with a hole in her back, which doctors said is a result of spinal cord injury.

Nine-year-old Amelia has not walked a day in her life and has to depend on a wheelchair to move around.

Her mother is now elated as she has received a new wheelchair from Food For The Poor and this will take off a huge burden.

"Getting the wheelchair from Food For The Poor will change my life in every way because she will have it to go up and down, which means less burden on me physically," the mother said.




"I don't have to lift her up to carry her on my back to go church or down the road to get taxi to go school. The burden is off because she's a chubby little girl," Shaw added.

Shaw, who lives in a small community called Heartsease in Manchester, told THE STAR that Amelia is a brilliant and happy child with hopes of becoming a teacher, and that she was beyond happy to hear that she had been gifted a new wheelchair.

"She's a very brilliant child a very intelligent child who want turn teacher," the mother said.

The hole in her daughter's back has affected her other organs, and she has a caretaker at the school to help to clean her as she has to wear diapers.

"My older children, family and friends help out with Amelia, especially since her father died. I put my trust in God, and where He leads because from she born, people telling me to reach out for help, and I finally took a stand, and the secretary at church type up the letter for me. I would like to tell Food For The Poor many thanks, and God bless them," the mother said.

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