10-year-old heroine ...Young girl saves two babies from fire

October 21, 2016
Sade Folkes' 10 year old sister saved her two babies from the Jacques Avenue fire last Sunday.

Ten-year-old Dejanae Davis is being hailed for her bravery after she sprung into action to save her two nieces from last Sunday’s deadly explosion on Jacques Avenue, Kingston, which left two persons dead and four others severely burned.
At the time of the incident, young Davis was in her backyard playing with her one and six-year-old nieces when an illegal gas operation nearby caused a massive explosion and set the premises ablaze.
“If it wasn’t for her, I don’t know what would happen to my babies. As soon as she see the fire start, she grabbed my two babies and run over to the neighbour’s house with them,” Davis’s older sister, Sade Folkes, told THE WEEKEND STAR.
Twenty-three-year-old Folkes said that she was grateful to her little sister for acting so swiftly because, at the time of the incident, she was fast asleep inside the now destroyed house.
“My babies were giving me a lot of trouble, so mi send them outside to go play with my little sister and then I went to sleep. Mi only wake up when me hear two youths a beat down the door because the gas did a burn them,” Folkes recalled.
In that moment, all she could do was rush through the blazing building and jump over the wall to safety. She could not open the back door for the boys or check on her two children because the place was already engulfed. Folkes said she sustained minor bruises, but her babies are safe and sound, thanks to young Davis.
The Mountain View Primary School student’s selflessness towards her nieces comes as no surprise to her grandmother, Millicent Walden, who told THE WEEKEND STAR that she is very loving and kind.
“She is a nice little girl, always smiling. She always bathe her nieces and lotion them down. She even change the baby when the baby mess up and she is always playing with them,” Walden said.
She added, “She loves me a lot, too, you know. Yesterday, she asked me for a nightie to sleep in, so me tell her that as soon as me get the money, me a go buy it fi her.”
Though Davis and her nieces escaped the blaze, their house, which provided dwelling for ten people, was destroyed along with everything in it.

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