St Andrew community loses power supply following crash

October 26, 2016
Nancene Duhaney Photo Power supply was disrupted in Golden Spring after this truck slammed into a light post.

The power supply in Golden Spring, St Andrew, was disrupted after a truck slammed into a light post, tearing down several pieces of electrical wires before overturning.

The driver of the vehicle, who gave his name as ‘Sylvester’, attributed the accident to tiredness.

“Mi a drive out, and to be honest mi was very tired and a dose mi really dose off. Mi eye close fi like a second, and by time the yute next to mi inna di truck fi touch mi and seh, 'yow, look wah gwaan,' a di post that mi already a run up inna," he told STAR Online. 

Slyvester said that while he is thankful to still be alive the crash has put him under great pressure as he might have to foot the bill of the extensive damage done to the truck.

While looking at the vehicle, one resident approached Slyvester and offered some encouraging words. 

"Di truck could a fling yuh through the windshield and di wire dem weh yuh tear dung coulda electrocute yuh, and yuh a fret pon vehicle? In every work yuh do, there is a risk. A God alone mek yuh nuh deh pon di four way flasher a go a public (hospital) ya now,” the resident said.

An inspector attached to the Stony Hill Police Station quickly arrived on the scene to direct the traffic.

“Right now we deh here waiting on the wrecker because we notify them, and because the post got hit down we’re actually waiting on JPS (Jamaica Public Service) to come address that. So I’m here directing traffic and helping in whatever way I can at the moment," he said.

When contacted, the JPS said power was expected to be restored to the community within an hour.  


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