Church robbed of $700,000 in equipment

November 07, 2016

Thieves went on a rampage in the fast developing town of Spaldings in Clarendon on the weekend, robbing a church, a Western Union outlet, and a service station of more than $3 million.

Worshippers who turned up at the Spaldings New Testament Church of God in Clarendon for early morning prayer meeting on Saturday discovered that the church was broken into and several pieces of equipment were missing.

Pastor of the church, Bishop Donovan Knight, told THE STAR that robbers entered the church by cutting burglar bars, and removed equipment valued more than $700,000. He said the equipment included a keyboard, speaker boxes, a flat-screen monitor, and several ceiling fans.

Church members have started a nine-day fast, the number of days they are giving the robbers to return what they stole.“The God who is a merciful God is also a God of wrath. So take back what is God’s before He starts His action. All the things taken are marked,” warned Knight.

He said the crime was reported to the Spaldings police.

The police also reported that robbers broke into the Western Union outlet by removing burglar bars and taking $750,000 in cash. They also said that a vault that held $1.5 million in cash was removed from the service station, which is adjacent to the Western Union outlet. The thieves also took several bottles of liquor. 

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