LIVING IN DARKNESS ...Mile Gully residents want faulty street lights repaired


November 09, 2016

MILE GULLY, Manchester:

It is just as important as having good roads and access to water. People need light, but for several months, and even years, residents of Mile Gully and adjoining areas say they have been inconvenienced by the number of street lights that fail to work.

This problem, they claim, has been reported to the authorities but very little action has been taken by the powers that be.

When THE STAR took a trip to the community recently, residents pointed to a trail of non-functioning street lights which are located less than a half a mile apart.

"Me run taxi and me a tell you say more time me pass through a night time di place dark bad. Today, this one may work and tomorrow it stops. Sometimes dem pale and by the next few hours it gone completely... People report it but it obvious say nothing nuh happen," one resident said.

One business owner in the Inglewood area revealed that enterprise had suffered as a result of having to close early due to faulty street lights.


"On my street alone, there are about five street lights and not one a dem nuh good ... Out of five, a one blink-blink sometime, and then it just shut off ... To be honest, the street light nearest to me nuh work well fi di past four years," the business owner said.

She continued: "I remember once when some robberies use to gwaan, and worse, like how the place so dark, as 6:30 p.m. come so me haffi lock me shop and it is affecting me ... A post office dem call me shop cause as it reach certain time me lock up ... People tell me say dem come here and want to have a drink and me lock up. All dem sale deh miss but me cyan take no chance. People not even a walk pon road late again."

One resident sought to point out all the faulty street lights, adding that the number could be growing.

"You have one at Grove Place Road and Litchfield that is out of use. There is one on Dukes, two are out beside the Mile Gully New Testament Church, one faulty at Shield's bush road and at the Coley Mountain Square and approximately four or five at Inglewood."

Faith Sampson, councillor for the Johns Hall division in the Manchester Parish Council, said that some of the malfunctioning streets lights have been repaired and the JPS is expected to fix the others.

"I know the street lights in my division, which is from Inglewood all the way back, were fixed prior to last Christmas ... There is one that has been going on and off, and it was fixed. But I can't speak to whether or not it has started malfunctioning again. The ones in my area that are not working I have made reports to JPS ... At our monthly council meeting a representative from JPS would report back to us as to which ones were done ... I have reported the three street lights in the Inglewood area to JPS but they have not come yet," Sampson said.

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