Man on police radar gunned down in May Pen

February 09, 2017
Vendolyn Cameron-Powell

The Clarendon police said a man killed yesterday in the parish was wanted for shooting.

They also said investigations are progressing, which should lead to an arrest and charge as soon as possible.

Reports are that at about 1 p.m., a man identified as ‘Fisher’ was gunned down in May Pen, in the vicinity of Young’s Plaza.

Head of the Clarendon police, Superintendent Vendolyn Cameron-Powell, confirmed that the victim was on the police radar and also that the suspect is known by the police.

Though our news team was told that the dead man was fingered in alleged abduction, and his photograph was being circulated on social media, Cameron-Powell said she could not speak to that.

“The deceased person was wanted for a shooting which occurred on November 20 last year. The suspect is a man that was in our custody and is out so we are doing our investigation. We are using CCTV to assist us in our investigation as usual. It has helped us a great deal,” she said.

Our news team was told that the police, in trying to maintain law and order in the town, have been met with some challenges. She said the criminal elements know where to find each other. 

"So we (the police) don’t know where all these persons are and we cannot secure all of them because they know their problem, they know their situation," she said. "Our problem is to try maintain our security in our space as best as possible.”


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