KC trump Mona in close match

February 14, 2017
Members of the Kingston College team.

It was a packed house inside the RJRGLEANER studio for the 29th match in round two of Schools Challenge Quiz (SCQ), as many time champions Kingston College (KC) entered the second-round bout against Mona High.

In the end, the boys from North Street were victorious in what turned out to be a closely contested encounter.

The contest, which saw number one seed KC go up against the number 33 seed Mona, ended 29 to 23 in favour of KC.

The opening challenge ended with Mona High on six points to Kingston College's eight points.

Both teams capitalised, building on points in the speed challenge, which saw KC entering the exciting buzzer section up by two, 25 to 23.

The deciding section, in which contestants receive two points for a correct answer or lose two points for an incorrect answer, saw KC advancing to the third round of the competition.


Room for improvement


The last time KC won the overall competition was in 2014.

Although they came out victorious, KC team captain Shemar Henry told THE STAR that there is much room for improvement.

"Well, I think we did below par for our standards. We need to properly study and work hard and coordinate our answers properly as a team, so we can get the answers and get the points," he said.

Mona High, who first entered SCQ in 2012, told our news team that they were looking for a better result.

They were trying to advance to the third round for the third time, having gone back to back in 2015 and 2016.

"The match didn't go our way and that's just a part of life. I guess I have another year, next year, so I will just make use of my opportunity and have a bigger year next year," team captain of Mona High, Causewell Bailey, said.

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