Vendors, taxi operators want more development in Santa Cruz

February 17, 2017
Some of the work being done in Santa Cruz.
Glenroy Smith talking about roadwork in Santa Cruz.

Many residents in Santa Cruz have expressed satisfaction at the pace at which development is taking place, but others aren't as satisfied.

Vendor Glenroy 'Juicy' Spence said business was going well generally, but said if the town was further developed, that would be the icing on the cake.

"From last September, dem a do a project in a di town ya. I believe it start from Gutters and end up down Middle Quarters. The town leave inna deplorable condition from last November to December. Whole a Grand Market night di town messy and nuh stay good. Dem fi do work inna di town."

THE WEEKEND STAR ventured to a nearby bus park, known to residents as Bus Park Number Two.

Taxi operator Avion Brown said the main problem is when it rains.

"We can't stay over here. We have no shelter, we have no form of bus stop or anything like that," Brown said. "The next problem is that by time it 'dusk up', by it reach 5 p.m., we affi come out of the park. By the time we do that, police a kill we wid ticket. Mi would really like if they can put some light over here so we can stay over here and finish work until we go home."

He also told THE WEEKEND STAR that he and other members of his association want authorities to rethink the issues surrounding tint on public passenger vehicles.

"Look at this park that we in. No passenger can sit in the car like that (without tinted windows). Give we a grade that we can put on, so that the people dem can sit in the car because when the people dem come, dem nah sit in deh wid the sun so we can get fi load," he said.

Mayor of Santa Cruz Derrick Sangster told our news team that there was some drainage work being done by the National Works Agency (NWA).

"I am not sure how far those drains have reached in terms of completion. With all of that being completed, they would have to resurface the road," he said.

Sangster said the Santa Cruz area has not been touched as yet because the drains and the National Water Commission (NWC) work are not finished.

"I will have to liaise with the NWC and the NWA to inform the business people what is causing this delay," he said.

Regarding the bus park issues, Sangster said he is aware of the lighting and shelter concerns. However, he is awaiting funds to do development work.

He said that in the interim, more sheds have been put in so vendors can have more shelter. He said both the taxi operators and the users will have to use the shelter.

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