Pregnant woman attacked by 'robot' taxi man

February 22, 2017

High drama unfolded on board a Jamaica Urban Transit Corporation (JUTC) bus the morning after Valentine's Day when a robot taxi operator showed no love to a pregnant woman who he accused of not paying him.

THE STAR understands the bus passengers had to rescue the seemingly subdued mother-to-be, after she was hauled and pulled by a man who requested his $100 fare.

Her attacker is said to be a taxi operator who she travelled with to the Portmore Mall area before boarding the bus.

Our news team heard that after exiting the car, the man used the vehicle to block the path of the bus and went in hot pursuit of her.

An eyewitness told THE STAR, "Di man come in like him would a kill the woman fi di money. The woman say she pay him and she even have the change in her hand. Him never have no right fi deal wid her so and she pregnant. Him attack her from behind."

lock the door

Our news team gathered that the female driver of the bus saw what was happening and closed the door.

"The driver she see wah happen and lock the door with him and the door lock him in. Even when the passengers ask what was the attack about and then decided to pay the $100 for the woman and mek him gwan, him still attack the woman for the money," the eyewitness said.

THE STAR was told that some bus passengers initially thought the man and woman were involved.

The eyewitness told THE STAR, "Mi feel it to me heart to how him a deal wid the woman. Is not even a red plate taxi, enuh. The rest of passengers run him weh and tek picture of his licence plate."

Our news team was told that the woman, who was left in a state of shock, was told to report the incident. However, it is not clear if she did.

Checks with the Portmore police yesterday did not unearth any official report.

Reginald Allen, JUTC marketing and communication manager, could not be reached up to press time.

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