Thousands to benefit from summer employment programme

March 23, 2017
Contributed Many youngsters turned up at the Half-Way Tree Transport Centre to get info on the National Youth Service Summer Employment Programme recently.
NYS employees were also on hand providing pamphlets about the programme.

Approximately 2,000 more youth are expected to benefit this year in the National Youth Service (NYS) Summer Employment Programme. This means that about 8,000 persons will get a chance to participate, an increase from last year's numbers, when 6,000 were facilitated.

During the launch recently, it was also disclosed that some 400 persons with disabilities would also be engaged.

The employment programme targets applicants between the ages of 17 and 24.

A young electrician, 22-year-old Alexander Campbell, told THE STAR that he applied because although he sometimes works with his father, he wanted a different experience.

He said, "I work now and again with my father, but I would like to try an office work."

The launch also drew students Tara-Lee Danvers, 17, and Sadekie Harriott, 18, who also said they were interested in the summer employment programme to get ready for the working world.

"I am interested in the experience in the field of computer science. My friends told me of their experience," Danvers told THE STAR

Harriott added, "I want experience in accounting. I want to make some money and use the money to go back to school."

The NYS Summer Employ-ment Programme is geared towards the development of young persons, facilitating opportunities to earn valuable work experience, and making them more productive and efficient employees.

Naketa West, executive director at NYS, told our news team that the programme has maintained a satisfaction rate for both participants and companies.

"The programme has placed over 60,000 youth since 2001 and provides an opportunity for youth to gain work experience and be exposed to the workplace while earning a stipend. For many young people, it's their first interview work experience, so they are very appreciative of the programme and have reported feeling a sense of purpose, responsibility and increased confidence in their choices for a career path," West said.

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