Living In Shambles : Mi done with board house

March 28, 2017
George Wilson shows the poor housing conditions he faces in Allman Town.
The zinc roof which barely covers Wilson's head.

A senior who resides in Allman Town in central Kingston says housing development has been necessary for a long time, and with the impending construction of the new Parliament building, must become focal.

THE STAR visited the area recently and spoke with 81-year-old George Wilson, who has been a resident there since 1979.

Wilson, who is a member of the grounds staff at Sabina Park, said, "The zinc fence and board structure no look good and Parliament a move come up here and all the ministry office dem around. Proper living we want, we can't take nuh more of this."

He told THE STAR that if the situation presents itself, the residents would love to obtain the material and do the work themselves.

"We need some development towards these building here and if dem can't find the money fi do the building, give us some material and make we do it. We have tradesmen around here, even me myself is a steel man", Wilson said.

Wilson said he would like to see the wooden structures knocked down "and we get some three-bedroom and four-bedroom houses in a concrete structure".

"Tiad of the board ting now mi bredrin, mi a tell you the truth, tiad a di board ting. From 1979 and a di same conditions, no changes. Everyday a di same thing over and over. Want some difference," he pleaded.

There were also public safety and public health concerns. Wilson told THE STAR that if there was a fire, the whole place would burn down.

"You see where the fire burn down at Beeston Street and King Street weh day, a because of the structures. It should look better than that. It's a commercial area. Even here where the ministry dem deh, whether East, West or North Heroes Circle, it should be developed."

He also told THE STAR that amenities needed improvement as residents don't have frequent access to running water.

According to Wilson, he has heard that plans are in place to have all the government ministries located in the area.

He said, "Weh you gonna find money to take up and relocate all these people? Parliament ago over deh so and big work a gwan over there now, none a di yutes dem ya so nuh get no work. That can't right because is mostly outside people."

Wilson told THE STAR that the residents would love the opportunity to work and use their earnings to help improve the community.

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