MADE IN CHINA? ... Highway operators get flak after retaining wall crumbles

May 16, 2017
Ian Allen Photo A land slippage on the Byndloss stretch of the North South Highway heading towards Linstead.

Amid jokes that the crumbling of a retaining wall on a section of the North-South Highway may be due to the use of inferior material in its construction, the operators of the highway have appealed for racial unity.

"Remembering our motto, ‘Out of Many One People’, which is based on our population’s multiracial roots, let us be united in co-operation, building a brighter future, together," the management of the Jamaica North South Highway Company Limited said.

The company is owned by Chinese investors. 

The developers of the highway, China Harbour Engineering Company (CHEC) have been gifted 1,200 acres of state-owned lands in exchange for the development of the highway.

After The Gleaner posted a photo of the landslide on Facebook, several users poked fun at the Chinese operators, arguing that the retaining wall was indeed 'Made in China'. 

"None of the highway from Negril to Ocho Rios or Ocho Rios to Port Antonio is flooding or broken away. ... The government should tell them to carry it go back to China, rude, take us for fools. The road has been falling apart before it was opened," a user who identified himself as Alexander-Asif DeMarquis posted.

Kenneth Roy Leonard was equally caustic.

"So wait! What they expected? China don't make anything good," he wrote.

Teena McClear said the landslide resulted from "cheap Chinese work" while OH Rain J Smood said: "Made in China. av to expect that".

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