Tambourine Army co-founder may still be in trouble

May 18, 2017
Norman Grindley/Chief Photo Editor Latoya Nugent, after she was freed yesterday.

While Latoya Nugent, co-founder of the tambourine Army, walked away a free woman yesterday when cybercrime charges were dropped, it now appears another battle looms in a civil court.

Nugent was charged with three counts of using a computer for malicious communication.

Now THE STAR understands that at least one of the persons she mentioned in the controversial social media post has filed a civil action suit against Nugent.

When contacted yesterday, Nugent told THE STAR that she has been hearing about this civil suit for some time.

“But what I can say is that if that is in fact true, that is something that will be addressed at an appropriate time. But I have been hearing about that for a while now. It's been some months now.”

When asked if civil papers were served on her yesterday Nugent said, “my response hasn’t changed.”

Nugent was alleged to have published information on social media accusing several individuals of being sexual predators.

She was charged after some of the individuals made a report to the police. Nugent however pleaded not guilty.

Yesterday in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court, Director of Public Prosecutions Paula Llewellyn said she would offer no further evidence against Nugent.

Before dismissing the case, senior parish judge Judith Pusey told Nugent that she should be mindful of the impact that social media posts can have on people's reputations.

Nugent said outside of court that she would now reconsider how she goes about her advocacy.


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