Woman bites child for allegedly stealing her man

July 08, 2017

A hairdresser has found herself in hot water after she admitted to biting a 14-year-old girl in her face causing a wound which bled, allegedly during a fight over the hairdresser's man.

Theresa Jackson, 39, pleaded guilty to the charge of unlawful wounding when she appeared in the Kingston and St Andrew Parish Court yesterday.

Reports are that on June 29, the girl was at home doing someone's hair when Jackson approached her and said, "See me man and leave him alone," to which the complainant reportedly responded, "Me nuh see you man so no tell no lie pon me."


The girl, who appeared in court with the scar under her eye, reportedly walked away and the accused threw a stone hitting her on her foot, causing a wound which bled.

Jackson then took up a piece of board and the two started to fight.

During the fight, Jackson bit the girl on her face, under her left eye. After the fight, the girl reported the matter to her mother, who then accompanied her to the police station.

In court, Jackson told the presiding judge Chester Crooks that it was the girl who initiated the fight.

"She is the first person who hit me. She first scrape my hand with a comb and she buck me in my forehead, so me bite her," Jackson said.

The medical report in the matter is outstanding. It will be called up again on August 18. Bail for the accused was extended.

In the meantime, the judge warned both parties not to interfere with each other.

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