Big bucks for instant whitening soap

August 11, 2017
Bars of soap


Bumebime, a soap which promises to significantly whiten one's skin in a matter of minutes, has hit the market in Jamaica.

A distributor of the product in Jamaica said that one bar of this powerful brand of bleaching soap is priced at $5,000.

A video has being making the rounds on social media of an individual using the product on his hand, which appears to turn white after the soap is rubbed on to the area for a few minutes.

The distributor said the result achieved in the video was not a camera trick.

"However, for some persons, it works right away and for others it will take a couple more uses, based on how your skin reacts," the distributor said.


Very foolish


Although there is no physical space where the soap can be purchased, customers may call in to order the product and have it delivered.

The distributor said using the soap is relatively safe because so far, no one has complained about any adverse reaction to the product and advised that if one stops using it, he/she will gradually return to the normal complexion.

However, popular medical doctor Japheth Ford said "Persons who use this product would be very foolish" and told them to stay away from it.

He is advising persons who are intent on using the product that it may cause tremendous damage because they are removing the pigment of the skin that eventually will damage the skin so much that it will cause sores.

"It can give you nausea, dizziness. If absorbed into the skin, it could cause the red blood cells to break down. It can cause kidney damage, and liver damage as it enters the skin," he warned.

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