Aunt Jane - 105 not out - Bunkers Hill's oldest person

November 14, 2017
Aunt Jane, Bunkers Hill oldest resident.

At 105 years old, Jane Matilda Marriett is the oldest resident in Bunkers Hill in Trelawny. And while she is ready to 'go' when her God calls her 'home,' she is in fairly good health for her age and could well be around to add more years to her days.

"I was born in Haddington, Kinloss [in Trelawny], but I have lived all my adult life in Unity, Bunkers Hill," said Aunt Jane, who was born on February 12, 1912.

"This is where I worked on my husband's farm and as a domestic worker."

The centenarian, who suffers no lifestyle disease, said that she spent a lot of time working on the farm with her late husband, John, who planted many crops, including bananas.

"When reaping time came, I would help him to carry out the bananas to the station, where truck drivers would come and buy from us," said Aunt Jane.




Aunt Jane took the WESTERN STAR down memory lane as she recalled the days when women used to break stones, which they sold to be used in road repairs.

"All along the roadway here, there would be gangs of women breaking stones. Sometimes the pile would be very high before the Public Works Department people would come and buy it. They used the stones to build and fix roads."

The mother of two children is no longer able to go out worship service at Reid's Friendship United Church, however, she gets regular visits from the congregation.

"The members and pastor visit me regularly and have service right here on the veranda. I enjoy the service, and when I pray, I ask God to take me when he is ready," said Aunt Jane.

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