Vibes mission in Denham Town - Fun run takes place in ZOSO this Sunday

December 13, 2017
Assistant Superintendent of Police Eron Samuels (left) chats with Delon Gayle.
Gallawas (right) is already gearing up to bring the vibes in the community on Sunday. Also pictured here are (from left) Chelsea, Owesha and Delon Gayle.
These kids from the Denham Town Infant School were seen making their way home.
This little girl was as cool as a cucumber as she was being carried in a crate.
Gallawas is looking forward to the fun run.
The handcart was packed with water.
The drains are being cleared ahead of Sunday's fun run.

Like other corners in Denham Town, west Kingston, Easy Scream is abuzz with activities. The excitement is so real, you could touch it with your fingers. On Sunday, the thrill is expected to reach fever pitch when community members, many of whom are rivals, race past corners they dared not approach up to two months ago.

Delon Gayle, project officer for the Denham Town Community Development Committee, said that there are several groups of persons in the community who do not speak to each other. He is convinced that the vibes corners being set up for Sunday's fun run could go a far way in bringing peace to Denham Town.

The vibes corners set up will be similar to water stops that are organised for road races.

"Having this run, a man may be able to run past this corner where the vibes is taking place, and, hopefully, it will help to bridge and break the level of discord," Gayle said.

A total of five vibes corners have been established along the route, one of which is Easy Scream corner. The fun run starts at 3 p.m., and outsiders are invited to participate. In addition, a big after party is being planned, and the children are set to benefit from a kiddies treat.

Gallawas, a local deejay, who is looking to make it big in the music business, has been rallying the Easy Scream family. He wants the vibrant party spot, located at the intersection of Wellington and Nelson streets, to be named the top vibes corner in Denham Town, which is now a Zone of Special Operations (ZOSO).

"At the Easy Scream family vibes corner things a go crazy. Everything a go outrageous and nice," he said.

Recognising that partying is important to the residents of Denham Town, the joint security forces in the ZOSO have committed to allowing the corner with the best vibe during Sunday's race to host a major activity during the festive season.

"It is like bigger than gold down here," Assistant Superintendent of Police Eron Samuels told THE STAR. "It is going to be a fun event because almost every 600 metres you will buck up on a party."

Among the rules for being adjudged the best vibes corner is that "They must cheer for everyone," Samuels said. "It is for unity. It is to see people from one area go into an area where there is some amount of tension between them, and you are cheering for them."





The senior cop added: "These are areas where they are always at war with each other, so it is an opportunity for residents to hand (to) or collect a water for somebody from an area that they are not really getting along with."


With the fun run days away, the streets in Denham Town are being cleaned and the drains are being cleared of debris.

Chelsea, the self-style vibes master in the Easy Scream family, told THE STAR that she hopes there will be no rain because the fun run promises to be an exciting one.

"We naah worry 'bout the win. We just want the togetherness. If me even fi mek me sister win," Chelsea said.

Pointing at her sister, Owesha, Chelsea added: "She fat, so to mek she win this competition would be so good for her."

Owesha said that, despite her weight, she plans to run to win because it's Christmas. She is also hopeful that Easy Scream will emerge the vibes corner champions.

"Scream family can run, and we a come with the vibes."

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