Gay prostitute hides out in church

January 09, 2018

Robert*, 26, has been practising homosexuality since age 11. However, not many persons are aware that this church boy is earning a living by selling sex on the streets.

"I am active in the church and it provides a very good cover. My clients come from a wide cross section of professionals, even married men," Robert told the WESTERN STAR.

"They pick me up and take me to different houses. This lifestyle is dangerous because you arrange a price for a package, you agree to have sex with one person, and then find that you have sex with all five men and only one pay."

Robert is among several sex workers operating in Falmouth, Trelawny. He said that he started having sex with men for money after his father kicked him out of the house when Robert was still a teenager.

"I was forced into it by an older cousin at his house in southern Trelawny. I was confused and ashamed, so I did not tell anybody," Robert told the WESTERN STAR.

He said that after that forced sexual encounter with his cousin, he continued having sex with men throughout his time in high school. He said that he became comfortable with the lifestyle until he was drugged by men, five of whom had sex with him. According to Robert, his father found out about the incident, blamed him for it, and threw him out on the street.

"It was on the street that I became a full fledged sex worker. I needed to eat, and that was the easiest way to earn," Robert said.

The slim built male prostitute said that gay men are very jealous, making his work even more dangerous.

"I was in a live-in relationship and couldn't go further than the veranda. He did not want me to talk to anybody, man or woman," Robert shared.

In addition to the threat of physical harm, Robert knows first hand that being a prostitute carries with it other risks.

"Recently, I have had surgery done to rectify a bleeding pile. The bleeding, which would not stop, was caused from having sex with several men in one night."

He told the WESTERN STAR that he wants to stop selling sex for a living, but admited that he has no skill from which he can readily earn.

"I have entertained suicidal thoughts on many occasions after an abuse. Still, when they come for me, I go because of the money I get. Sometimes, I get good money and good treatment, but this is not all the time," he said.

* Name changed to protect identity

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